Quartz Boat - A quartz boat can come in many shapes and sizes. These quartz boat are typically designed to accommodate wafers or substrates of 4”, 6”, 8” and 12” diameters. IMTEC can suggest a design or we can build to your specifications.

Quartz Chamber – Chambers and plasma tubes are used for containing plasmas that can reach extremely high temperatures but require high purity and visual verification. The quartz used to manufacture these tubes is ideal, due to its high resistance to heat and its unique purity that can reach 99.9995%. IMTEC can work with you to manufacture these complex parts to specifications.

Quartz Tank – Our core expertise has long been with quartz tanks. IMTEC has built thousands of custom and standard tanks to meet customer needs and requirements. IMTEC will even work with you to better understand your needs and help you design a custom quartz tank.

Assorted Quartz Ware Products –Many items made of quartz are unique in nature. Here at IMTEC we understand and embrace this fact by working with our customers to brainstorm, design, and fabricate many different quartzware products.

- Quartz Baffle

- Quartz Plasma Chamber

- Quartz Tray

- Chamber

- Quartz Boat

- Quartz Carrier

- Quartz Distiller

- Thermocouple Sheaths

- Quartz Ring

- Quartz Disc

Quartz Drain -Drains are typically placed on the side or bottom of a quartz tank. They can be used for simply evacuating the tank or to recirculate chemistry. The drain seen in the picture to the right also demonstrates IMTECs quartz machining capabilities.

Quartz Boat Adapter - The adapter seen to your right is used to place 6” wafer quartz boats into a quartz bath designed for 8” wafers. Having this adapter can lead to cost reduction and increased production throughput by allowing multiple quartz boat sizes to fit in one tank.

Quartz Aspirator – An aspirator, also called a filter pump, is a device that produces a vacuum by means of the Venturi effect. In an aspirator, fluid flows through a tube which then narrows. These quartz aspirators can be used in high temperature applications along with a high purity process requirement.

assorted quartz parts