quartz fabrication welding

Quartz fabrication / welding is a highly specialized skill and that is why IMTEC maintains it’s own fabrication facility with the specialized tools and training required to meet the demanding quartzware needs of our customers.

Our fused quartz fabrication facility provides the experienced welders necessary to create custom quartz tanks and other components at reasonable prices. Anyone who has ever worked with fused quartz knows that it can be finicky and dangerous, and incorrect welding can cause the entire piece to crack or shatter during manufacturing. IMTEC is able to produce exceptionally large fused quartz tanks with intricate features to specification, thanks to our team of highly experienced fused quartz welders.

Fabrication Capabilities Include:
  • - Quartz Tank Fabrication/Welding
  • - Quartz Tank Repair
  • - Quartz Chamber Welding
  • - Custom Quartz Tank Design
  • - Quartz Fire Polishing
  • - Quartz Rework and Modification
  • - Quartz Repair
  • - Tube Welding
  • - Annealing
  • - Prototype Design

Quartzware Product Examples
quartz flame polishing

quartz welded tank