QDR Dump Valves

The Imtec Quick Dump Rinse (QDR) valve is an air open/close valve. Quality tested to 1.3+ million cycles. While it looks similar to other quick dump valves, it has some important differences. The first is that it utilizes Glyd rings instead of O-rings. Glyd rings do not need to be lubed and reduce the chance of stiction, which is common to O-rings.

Secondly, the valve is attached to the mounting ring via shoulder screws instead of having a large thread that can easily cross thread and make the valve useless. A domed dump door was added to shed any fluid left after a quick dump, improving process performance. The valve is available to mount to PVDF, NPP, or PFA tanks.

Imtec’s years of experience in the industry means that we know what features can save cost and improve efficiency. Looks can be deceiving; trust Imtec to offer you products that work better and last

Quick Dump Valve Tank
Image of a PFA tank, dump door, and mounting ring with polypro valve body.
  • - Double-acting air-close/air-open
  • - Optional hard seat or O-Ring seat seal, dump door to mounting ring
  • - Minimum 35 psi to operate
  • - Large opening for ultra-fast draining
  • - Easy maintenance, valve body replaceable
  • - Door & Ring materials Polypropylene (NPP), PVDF, or PFA
Model Number
Door & Ring Material
  Min/Max Press.  
 Seat Type
 4" in
 PVDF  35/80 psi  Hard Seat
QDRV-PP4-H    4" in  Polypropylene (Polypro)  35/80 psi  Hard Seat
QDRV-T4-H  4" in PFA
 35/80 psi  Hard Seat
QDRV-P4-S  4" in PVDF
 35/80 psi O-Ring Seat
QDRV-PP4-S  4" in  Polypropylene (Polypro)  35/80 psi   O-Ring Seat  
QDRV-T4-S  4" in
 PFA  35/80 psi   O-Ring Seat  

*Seal o-rings sold separately. O-ring seals are offered for those who require a leak free seal which a hard seat can not provide.
Available Materials: Viton, EPDM, Kalrez, Allchem