Features & Benefits:

Excellent Chemical Resistance: PFA tubing does not interact with the vast majority of chemicals, including bases, acids, or solvents.

Wide Range of Operating Temperatures: PFA tubing has great thermal stability; the material can be used continuously at a minimum -60 degree C and a maximum of 260 degree C without degrading.

Excellent Insulation Material: PFA has extremely low dielectric constant and dielectric dissipation.

Long Product Life: PFA has the lowest friction coefficient of all polymers; as a result, the material is highly resistant to wear and thus reduces potential replacement costs.

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PFA Teflon Tubing

PFA Tubing (perfluoroalkoxy) material:
Is a fully fluorinated translucent polymer with a low coefficient of friction. PFA is nearly inert to all chemicals and solvents. PFA is also temperature resistant, making it ideal for use in high temperature environments where FEP tubing can not be utilized.

FEP Tubing (Flourinated Ethylene Propylene) material:
FEP material has excellent electrical properties like PTFE because FEP consists of only fluorine atoms and carbon atoms. The chemical resistance capability and mechanical characteristics are the same as PFA, however the heat resistance is lower than PFA.

PFA Tubing and Fitting Pressure Test

PFA Tubing and Fitting Pull Test


PFA Material Properties 

PFA Resin:

*FIT-ONE PFA Tubing Meets/Exceeds Extractable Test SEMI F57-0301 Standards.

PFA Surface Roughness 
*FIT-ONE PFA tubing surface roughness meets/exceeds SEMI F52-1101 Standards.

Tubing Size Chart

pfa tube size chart 

*Custom tubing size available upon request.

PFA Fittings & Tubing Brochure:

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