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FIT-ONE - PFA Fittings

The Fit-One PFA Fitting and Tubing product line has been designed to exceed conventional pfa fittings and match the performance of the market leaders. Doing all of this while being economical in high/low volumes.

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Reducing Union PFA Fitting

Reducing Union PFA Fitting

Specifications & Dimensions

For specification & precise dimensions, please download the FIT-ONE catalog here.

Part Number Description Price Qty  
This catalog has no sub-catalogs.
RU-H12-H8 REDUCING UNION, 1 1/2", 1" $172.55
RU-M10-M6 REDUCING UNION, 10MM, 6MM $19.15
RU-M10-M8 REDUCING UNION, 10MM, 8MM $20.44
RU-M12-M10 REDUCING UNION, 12MM, 10MM $28.06
RU-M12-M6 REDUCING UNION, 12MM, 6MM $19.91
RU-M12-M8 REDUCING UNION, 12MM, 8MM $20.98
RU-M19-M10 REDUCING UNION, 19MM, 10MM $41.68
RU-M19-M12 REDUCING UNION, 19MM, 12MM $41.68
RU-M19-M6 REDUCING UNION, 19MM, 6MM $65.75
RU-M25-M12 REDUCING UNION, 25MM, 12MM $82.18
RU-M25-M19 REDUCING UNION, 25MM, 19MM $54.11