Sapphire Wet Etching High Temperature Tank - ACCUBATH

The XE-Series for Sapphire Etching (Al2O3) & Beyond

For Safe & Reliable Heating up to 300°C the Accubath Xe was designed with Sapphire etching in mind but we know there are other processes that will benefit from the increased chemical reactivity that higher temperatures provide. Processes that were previously thought to be too slow due to temperature limitations may now be practical.

Designed to Take the Heat

The liquid in the Accubath Xe tank comes in contact with nothing but high purity quartz. No Teflon connections, sensors, or any other parts are used in the process area. Even the built in automated lid is quartz. For reliability, a special version of IMTEC's patented Aquaseal was developed to prevent a failure of the critical seal material that isolates the heater components from the environment.

Even the housing is special, utilizing Halar for its superior temperature and chemical compatibility as well as special construction techniques to isolate the heat inside.

Auxiliary Modules Make it Complete

No drain valve works at these temperatures so a quartz aspirator was designed and built in IMTEC’s quartz fabrication facility to remove the chemistry without having to wait for it to cool.

The aspirator drains the tank to a cool-down module below the tank. The cool down module has quartz cooling coils to assist in lowering the chemistry temperature quickly.

The modules working together create a system that addresses all the challenges of working with extreme temperature chemistries allowing you the freedom to experiment with processes previously not possible.

sapphire wet etching tank sapphire etching system Al2O3 etching tank

XE-Lab System

lab system for wet etching sapphire

Created and driven by R&D, the XE-LAB fills the gap between research and development and production ready processes for Patterned Sapphire Substrates (PSS).

Designed for plug & play operation and safety the XE-LAB gives you the same high temperature sapphire etch advantage as the larger XE-Series process tank, without the need for a fully automated wet station.

With an automated lid and end effector to lower substrates in to the tank, the operator has the ability to safely operate the unit from a distance with the remote control module. Learn more here: Download XE-Lab Brochure

Included in the package:

  • High Temperature 300°C+ Quartz Tank
  • Automated Lid & End Effector
  • Automation & Temperature Control Module
  • Quartz Wafer Boat & Carrier
  • Unloading Handle
sapphire etch system diagram


1. Inverted Quartz Autolid keeps condensate inside the tank

2. Quartz Cooling Coils minimize the vapor cloud near the lid

3. Patented Aquaseal lowers flange temperature and protects critical quartz to plastic sealant

4. Quartz air operated Aspirator effectively drains the process chamber even at max operating temperature

5. Quartz RTD wells protect the temp sensor and allow accurate temperature readings

6. Quartz Cool Down Box contains drained hot chemistry until it is safe for house facilities

7. Hydraulically Actuated Cylinder for smooth control of lid operation

8. Super high-density Aluminum Silicate Insulation keeps the heat in

9. Quartz inner chamber with heavy gauge Inconel Heating element

10. Quartz Locator Plate designed to hold your specified carrier

11. Halar Housing for superior temperature and chemical compatibility

12. Quartz Secondary Containment Tank holds hot liquid in case of tank breach.


Tank Material: Virgin Annealed Quartz, Firepolished
Housing Material, Standard: Halar (ECTFE)
Over-Temperature Sensor 1: Two RTD Probes
Over-Temperature Sensor 2: (Cool Down Tank) One RTD Probe
Heater Elements: High Watt Density Inconel Foil
Insulation: High Density Aluminum Silicate
Maximum Operating Temperature: 300°C
Operating voltage: Model Dependent
Limited Warranty: One Year
Sizes: Model Dependent

XE-LAB Brochure
Video - Safe Operation of Lid & Elevator