02/14 PPB Announces lower meter pricing


As a longtime distributor and user of PPB ultrasonic/megasonic cavitation meters, Imtec is pleased to announce that PPB has reduced their prices on the PB-500 series meters. This includes the PB-500 (0-500kHz), PB-501 (500kHz to 5mHz), and PB-502 (0-5mHz). The new pricing makes it practical for many companies to get the benefits of cavitation monitoring.

In an Ultrasonic or Megasonic cleaning system, cavitation is a critical factor and can be effected by many variables other than equipment performance. For this reason, a cavitation meter is an invaluable tool for process development and troubleshooting. By measuring the most important cleaning forces, process engineers can bypass many costly empirical tests, thereby saving time and money.

Imtec carries the complete line of PPB products and would be happy to assist you in selecting the proper model for your application. Contact us for more information.


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