12/16 IMTEC Launches new business unit and hires industry veteran Lee Stevens to manage operations


Fremont, California, December 7th, 2016

IMTEC Acculine is pleased to announce the formation of a new business unit, IMTEC Legacy Systems. The new venture will be focused on sales, refurbishment, and service of semiconductor front end equipment, as well as providing hard to find spare parts. IMTEC will specialize in Gasonics and KLA tools, but will have the ability to work on many Ashers, Etchers, and other dry process and metrology tools.


Heading up the new division is Lee Stevens. Lee has been involved with Semiconductor front end equipment since 1979 and was operations manager at SPEC (Surplus Process Equipment Corporation) since 2010. Lee will be managing sales for the new division as well as overseeing operations.

IMTEC has dedicated 2,500 square feet inside it’s facility in Fremont for the refurbishment and testing of surplus equipment. The new area will have space and facilities for working on multiple tools in a clean room environment.

Paul Mendes, President, says “We see the support of Legacy equipment as being vital to the industry and a natural complement to our wet process modules business. We believe this diversification will benefit our customer base and provide a platform for growth.”

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About Imtec Acculine:

Since 1972, Imtec Acculine has consistently provided high quality products for rapidly changing markets and technologies. The company has a broad customer base that includes companies of all sizes, OEMS, labs, and universities from all over the world. Innovation is a hallmark of Imtec and the company has many industry firsts to its credit. It was the first to introduce the quartz re-circulating bath and continues to be the world’s leading supplier of quartz constant-temperature baths. Imtec was also the first to obtain UL safety recognition and CE approval for its bath products. As a result of having supplied high-quality products to a customer base of more than 500 semiconductor-related companies, Imtec Acculine’s modules and systems are constantly optimized. Consistent with its ISO 9001 certification, Imtec Acculine is continually involved in product improvement, evolution and new product development, allowing the integration of leading-edge developments in system applications.

The company’s mission is to produce consistently high-quality products that solve real problems for its customers. As such, Imtec Acculine is committed to the international semiconductor and related industries by providing the finest wet-processing modules and systems.