09/10 Imtec Acculine Inc. will attend SEMICON Japan December 1st-3rd 2010


On Dec. 1st – 3rd, 2010 in Chiba, Japan
, Semiconductor equipment manufactures will convene once again in a forum that cultivates the sharing of fresh ideas. As the industry is heating up with record projected growth, Imtec is arming itself with cutting edge products such as the XE-Series. The guarded product will be unveiled for the first time in collaboration with Hiro-Tec, Imtec’s Japanese distributor and co-exhibitor. The XE-Series product line will advance and enable the growth of the LED industry in the same way it did for the Semiconductor industry, by creating innovative and reliable products that allow for the development of processes previously thought of as impractical due to equipment limitations.

Everyone knows the next big market for LED’s is residential and commercial lighting, but up to this point, the cost per lumen of light output is too high for widespread adoption of LED lighting products. Many ideas have been tested and show great promise in improving efficiencies, but the equipment in use today is not suitable for transferring these processes to volume production. This is where Imtec comes in.

Imtec is working closely with key customers who are ready to take the next step and be on the cutting edge of LED development. By listening to the chemical processing requirements of its customers, Imtec can put it’s almost 40 years of experience to work at making the impossible, practical. The Imtec XE-Series is a product line that will make dramatic increases in LED efficiency and spurring the next wave of growth.

Come join Imtec Acculine Inc at booth #3A-307 to learn more about the new to market XE-Series line of products promising to open up a new market to the LED industry.         

About Imtec Acculine: 

Since 1972, Imtec Acculine has consistently provided high quality products for rapidly changing markets and technologies. The company has a broad customer base that includes companies of all sizes, OEMS, labs, and universities from all over the world. Innovation is a hallmark of Imtec and the company has many industry firsts to its credit. It was the first to introduce the quartz re-circulating bath and continues to be the world’s leading supplier of quartz constant-temperature baths. Imtec was also the first to obtain UL safety recognition and CE approval for its bath products. As a result of having supplied high-quality products to a customer base of more than 500 semiconductor-related companies, Imtec Acculine’s modules and systems are constantly optimized. Consistent with its ISO 9001 certification, Imtec Acculine is continually involved in product improvement, evolution and new product development, allowing the integration of leading-edge developments in system applications.

The company’s mission is to produce consistently high-quality products that solve real problems for its customers. As such, Imtec Acculine is committed to the international semiconductor and related industries by providing the finest wet-processing modules and systems. For more information, please call us at (510) 770-1800.