06/11 SEMICON West - Imtec Announces Accudry Product Line


Imtec announces its new Accudry line of surface tension gradient dryers for critical processing of Semiconductor wafers as well as solar cells, photomasks, disk drive media, and most other critical substrates. Both stand alone and integration ready models will be available for end users and OEM customers.


The ADO model is designed for custom integration in to any OEM wet station.


The ADS model is designed to fit within the same foot print as a Spin Rinser Dryer (SRD) making installation and retrofitting effortless.

Mark West, Sales Manager for Imtec, stated that the Accudry IPA dryer fits in well with our current extensive offerings of Wet process modules that we have been providing to the semiconductor and related industries for almost 40 years. We see a growing market for IPA dryers, said Mr. West. Some customers just want to get away from the problems associated with spin rinser dryers. Others are processing fragile substrates, such as solar cells or III-V materials. Still others have high aspect ratio structures that trap water and cause die-killing water spots. The Accudry is a perfect solution for all these requirements.

Our patented IPA drying technology is simple, effective, and easy to implement. Our stand-alone dryer is designed to fit in the same space as a typical spin dryer. Programmable IPA vapor and N2 flow rates allow for recipes to be optimized for different substrates and surface conditions to be processed in the same dryer.

We will be showing the new Accudry stand alone at Semicon West July 12-14 and will also make it available for demonstration in our class 10 clean room in Fremont, CA. As with all of our other products, the Accudry is designed to be a cost effective tool that provides measurable value to our customers. Learn more about the Accudry product line...