04/12 Imtec Acculine Celebrates 40th Anniversary


Formed in 1972, Imtec has been providing quality products and services to the Semiconductor and related industries for 40 years. Paul Mendes, President and CEO is very proud of reaching this milestone. “Many companies have come and gone over that time and I think our continued success speaks to the quality of our organization and commitment to continually providing better value to our customers.

Originally founded in 1972 by Alan Berman, Imtec quickly became a major supplier of high resolution photo-plates. In the mid 1980’s, Mr. Berman recognized that the market for those products was dwindling and added quartz heated tanks to the product offering. Within a few years, the Accubath product line dominated Imtec’s sales and eventually the photolithography based products were sold off.

Imtec has continued to add product lines based around wet chemical processing, cleaning, etching, stripping, rinsing and drying. Critical technologies were developed for Megasonic cleaning, rinsing and applying heat to quartz and allowing for new products such as Inline heaters for liquids and gasses.

Imtec also developed a reputation as a high quality and reliable supplier to device and global equipment manufacturing companies. “We want OEM’s to think of us as a company they can count on to provide custom engineered products. That help them meet their critical requirements and do it on time at a fair price”, says Mr. Mendes.

As equipment became increasingly sophisticated, Imtec responded by instituting a quality management system and becoming ISO certified in 1996 and has maintained this status since.

In 1999, Paul Mendes was hired to run day to day operations and in early 2009 took ownership of Imtec. Under his leadership, a quartz machining and fabrication department was added. In response to this, Imtec moved to a larger and better equipped facility. Several Product lines have been added for new markets such as the LED, Solar, and MEMS manufacturing industries. “Alan wanted to build a company with lasting value", Mr. Mendes said, "I am proud to carry on that tradition. Imtec will continue to make products perform better and look for ways to engineer new solutions for our customers. As long as we are able to provide real value to our customers, we know the future of Imtec is secured".

About Imtec Acculine:

Since 1972, Imtec Acculine has consistently provided high quality products for rapidly changing markets and technologies. The company has a broad customer base that includes companies of all sizes, OEMS, labs, and universities from all over the world. Innovation is a hallmark of Imtec and the company has many industry firsts to its credit. It was the first to introduce the quartz re-circulating bath and continues to be the world’s leading supplier of quartz constant-temperature baths. Imtec was also the first to obtain UL safety recognition and CE approval for its bath products. As a result of having supplied high-quality products to a customer base of more than 500 semiconductor-related companies, Imtec Acculine’s modules and systems are constantly optimized. Consistent with its ISO 9001 certification, Imtec Acculine is continually involved in product improvement, evolution and new product development, allowing the integration of leading-edge developments in system applications.

The company’s mission is to produce consistently high-quality products that solve real problems for its customers. As such, Imtec Acculine is committed to the international semiconductor and related industries by providing the finest wet-processing modules and systems.