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Custom & Standard Quartz Tanks

Imtec has set the global standard for both static and recirculating heated process vessels. Our complete line of Accubath systems deliver unsurpassed process performance, reliability, and safety in wet systems throughout the world.


Our commitment to engineering excellence has consistently given IMTEC’s customers exceptionally dependable and advanced process equipment. The Accubath combines the highest quality materials and engineering designs to create vessels that enhance your process.


Our quartz Accubaths are suitable for use in processes using quartz-compatible chemistries up to 190°C. Quartz is known for its durability and non-reactivity to a variety of chemistries. We employ experienced quartz welders and machinists to create high purity, uniform tanks in a variety of standard and custom sizes, with the ability to add high-strength welded quartz inlets and probe holders. Read More...

Contact us for application assistance and detailed product information.

Quartz Tank Repair & Restoration

Quartz has long been the material of choice for wet processing in the semiconductor industry, due to its high purity and chemical compatibility. For over 20 years Imtec has manufactured quartz tanks for many different wet processes. Built with quality components and craftsmanship these tanks can last for years. Over this time chemical residue, vapors, and even operator errors can take a toll on the seals, housings, wiring, and quartz chamber. This is why Imtec has long offered restoration and quartz repair services, eliminating tank replacement cost. A typical rebuild can cost substantially less than simply replacing a unit with a new one.

Why have your tank repaired by Imtec and not a third party? As the OEM of quartz tanks we have a deep understanding, through trial and error, on the proper way to build and rebuild quartz tanks. These lessons have increased the life time and reliability of each quartz tank which ships from our facilities.

An example of one such lesson, is understanding the permeability of RTV seals which are used to bond the quartz tank to plastic housings. These seals can be eroded by chemistry such as phosphoric or sulfuric acid over time. Imtec engineers took on the challenge of constructing a long lasting seal. Their solution was the Aquaseal which maintains a constant stream of water flowing away from the vulnerable RTV seal. In essence, creating a water barrier which preserves the RTV seal almost indefinitely.

All Imtec repairs include refinishing of the quartz chamber and re-assembly using all new components. Only the quartz is re-used, making the repaired tank just like new. Upgrades such as the addition of an Aquaseal or thermal couple bracket can be made during the repair process, either adding new functionality or increasing the life time of the bath.

A standard tank rebuild includes:

- Chemical clean, burn-off and fire-polish of quartz chamber

- All new heaters and insulation

- All new sensors and wiring

- New housing and flange (unless noted otherwise)

- Complete quality control inspection per new tank procedures.

- All work completed using ISO 9001 procedures

Contact your Imtec representative to find out more about tank restoration and repair services.

  Before Restoration



  After Restoration














1. All tanks returned for rebuild are evaluated and checked to ensure that no additional work is needed.

2. All repairs will have an evaluation sent noting work to be performed and total cost and requires customer approval before work starts.

3. In some cases, Imtec may find hidden defects in the quartz after the initial evaluation and approval, and declare the unit to be un-repairable. In this case, the customer is not liable for any work performed by Imtec. In the event this happens, the customer may choose to have the tank returned at their expense or scrapped at Imtec.

4. Where damaged quartz is repaired by Imtec, it will be guaranteed to meet functional performance specifications, but may not meet Imtec’s specifications for cosmetic appearance on new products.