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Imtec’s patented Hot Grip Nut was specifically designed to cure the Teflon® creep and flow issues that cause dangerous and costly plumbing leaks.

Teflon® tubing has a set of well known problems. Under heat cycling, nut and fitting dimensions distend and contract, causing threads to loosen and flared sections to re-form into straight tubes. Even countermeasures such as critical gauging or machine re-tightening can be insufficient to prevent chemical leaks.

However, the Hot Grip Nut has been engineered to prevent leaks caused by Teflon® creep and flow. When the nut is hand-tightened, an internal spring mechanism is compressed, locking the nut’s female threads against the connector’s male threads the same way a lock washer loads a bolt assembly. When heat cycling causes Teflon® parts to grow or shrink, the spring-loaded elements respond with an offsetting force to hold the entire assembly in place.

Hand-tighten once and the Imtec Hot Grip Nut stays tight for the life of your plumbing installation.