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imtec news

11/14 Engineering Manager, retirement


Imtec announces the partial retirement of Ken Struven and the addition of Bill Capogeannis as our ne..

02/14 PPB Announces lower meter pricing


As a longtime distributor and user of PPB ultrasonic/megasonic cavitation meters (/ultraso..

10/13 IMTEC Emphasis On People Development And Community Outreach


IMTEC Acculine Committed to Community Building in Silicon Valley and Beyond FREMONT, Calif., Oct..

08/13 Nison Custom Designed Replacement Quartz In-line Heater


Imtec today fabricated its 30th unit of a specially configured..

04/12 Imtec Acculine Celebrates 40th Anniversary


Formed in 1972, Imtec has been providing quality products and services to the Semiconducto..



Compared to off-the-shelf products, Imtec’s customized solutions can significantly reduce costs and effort on your end. We offer products that are creatively conceptualized with your needs in mind, perfectly sized, modified for the easiest possible maintenance, and equipped with the features and technology your process requires- without unneeded extras. We adapt our components to your tool- not the other way around.

We have over three decades of experience in wet-processing; you can rely on our proven technologies and expertise. By trusting your process to us, you can eliminate the costs associated with in-house assembly and sub-system testing. Our facilities are vertically integrated to control materials and machining costs so that we can offer custom-made quartz and plastic components at a lower price. We also provide process, application, and technical support, and our extensive warranties reduce OEM exposure.

However demanding your needs, Imtec is ready to provide creative, value-added solutions.