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megasonic cleaning system

Low Cost Accumeg Mini - Table Top Megasonic System

As technology advances, so do the tools required to realize such advancements. With research and development, Imtec understands that new processes must be validated before they can proceed to the next step. With that in mind Imtec has designed the Accumeg Mini - Table Top Megasonic System to be low cost, maintenance free, plug and play, and simple to operate. The Accumeg Mini - Table Top Megasonic System is priced* extremely low eliminating the entry barriers to evaluating Magsonics for your R&D projects.

Accumeg Mini Brochure

*Consult factory/distributor for pricing, quantity limited to one system per customer. This offer is good for a limited time only.

Megasonic Cleanning Systems

Custom Megasonic Cleaning Equipment

Megasonic Tank & Transducer Standard Specifications

The following are general specifications that apply to Imtec megasonic cleaning systems. Model specific information is supplied with each system:

Megasonic Frequencies: 975kHz & 730kHz (+/-25kHz) model dependent
Tank Materials: Quartz, PVDF, PFA, and Stainless Steel
Megasonic Transducer Plate: 316L Electropolished or PFA Teflon coated Stainless
Megasonic Transducer Cables: 25ohm Teflon jacketed, 5 meter length
Maximum operating temperature for Boundary layer system: 130°C*
Maximum operating temperature for direct systems: 70°C
Operating Voltage: 208-230VAC +/- 10% single phase
Limited Warranty: 36 months
Applicable Standards: Meets all applicable CE directives, 3rd party certified

*Requires adequate boundary layer cooling to keep transducer at 80°c or less.

Quartz Tank - Megasonic Recirculating Cleaning System


quartz quick dump megasonic

PVDF Tank - Megasonic Quick Dump Rinser


PVDF quick dump megasonic

Stainless Steel Tank - Megasonic Solvent Resist Stripping System


stainless steel megasonic tank


Megasonic Generator

Megasonic Generator

Rated Output Power:
1200 Watts
Output Range:
60~1200 Watts
Oscillation System:
Crystal controlled synthesizer
Rating Power Supply:
208-230Vac ±10%, 10A, single phase 50 or 60Hz
Remote Control:
RS-485 or Discrete I/O control
External dimensions:
380 mm (W) x 550 mm (D) x 175 mm (H) (Not including connectors, fan, switches, and other projecting parts. legs are included in dimensions.)
Less than 25kg
Operating Ambient Condition:

Megasonic Cleaning Systems Overview

Megasonic Technology Uniformity Test

The use of megasonic technology has been shown to be an essential performance element in advanced cleaning applications. Combining over 40 years of industry know-how with some of the most reliable megasonic components available, Imtec has designed a cleaning system for a wide-range of high-purity processes. The Accumeg is designed to provide continuous megasonic energy across the full width and depth of all the substrates in the process tank. This constant energy is the key to complete, fast, efficient cleaning and the elimination of particle reattachment.

Unlike other systems, which use "pulsed" megasonic transducer arrays in an attempt to achieve even, full coverage, the Accumeg megasonic transducer array covers the entire process load capacity of the tank without any of the energy loss associated with "shadowing" or "sequencing".

Backed by our extensive 36 month warranty, Imtec's Accumeg series offers the reliability and productivity that ensures excellent uptime, minimum maintenance and the lowest cost of ownership.

Megasonic Energy Uniformity Test with Probe & Robotics

"Gapless" Transducer - For better process uniformity in the tank, the piezoelectric crystals on the transducer should be installed as close together as possible. However, when each crystal is wired to the generator individually, they must be spaced at least 1mm apart to avoid arcing that shorts out the transducer.

Imtec uses superior transducers with tightly matched crystals wired together in parallel. This means that there is a small potential difference between crystals and they can be placed close together- 0.1mm apart- without risk of shorting.

Megasonic Quick Dump Rinse Bath (QDR)- To quickly remove chemical and particulate from a bath after a process run, Imtec developed and patented the QDR Accumeg. Rather than disturbing the bottom of the bath where the transducer is mounted, the Imtec system raises the walls of the bath, allowing the chemical to flow out evenly and rapidly, and without allowing any particulate settled at the bottom of the bath to re-attach to the substrate. This "tank lift" system maintains a clean environment and saves valuable processing time. To learn more about megasonics and how they can improve your process please visit the download tab for more resources.

Download & Related Information:

A world leader in wet processing components for the semiconductor industry, Imtec manufactures a complete line of process proven megasonic cleaning and rinsing systems.

Effective wet process cleaning requires a precise integration of technology and components. With the Accumeg, Imtec combines over 40+ years of wet processing experience with the most reliable megasonic components available. Accumeg systems not only deliver world-class cleaning performance, but offer the reliability and productivity that insure excellent up-time, minimum maintenance and the lowest cost of ownership.

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