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IMTEC Accumeg Megasonic Cleaning Systems

ACCMEG- Complete Megasonic Cleaning Systems offering continuous high megasonic energy across the entire capacity of the process tank. Available in Quartz, PVDF, Stainless Steel.
IMTEC AccuBath - static and recirculating heated quartz baths

ACCUBATH– The industry standard for reliability, low maintenance and high-performance. Silicon Nitride Etch, Recirculating, Static Baths. Available in Quartz, PVDF, Stainless Steel, PFA.
IMTEC Custom Quartz Fabrication Quartz Tank

Imtec offers custom quartz fabrication of tanks, baths, chambers, and custom design work for new quartz products. Quartz repair is also a specialty of our skilled team.
IMTEC Accuheat - Inline Quartz Heaters

ACCUHEAT– Zero maintenance, UL Registered in-line heaters in Quartz and Silicon Carbide. Fast ramp-up, ultrapure materials, and available in a variety of sizes from 3000 to 18,000 Watts.
IMTEC AccuDry - IPA Vapor Wafer Dryer

ACCUDRY– A surface tension IPA vapor dryer that yields substrates; wafers, integrated circuits (ICs), solar cells, fuel cells, MEMS, and disk drives, spotless and watermark-free.



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OEM Services


High Temperature Quartz Tank

Sapphire Etching (al2o3) & Beyond

The IMTEC Accubath Xe was designed with Sapphire Etching al2o3 in mind but we know there are other processes that will benefit from the increased chemical reactivity that higher temperatures provide.  Processes that were previously thought to be too slow due to temperature limitations may now be practical. Learn More

IMTEC Hight Temperature XE Quartz Tank

IMTEC OEM Custom Designs

    Communicate Critical Process Specifications 
    Draft the Design
    Build a Prototype

IMTEC OEM Service Quartz Tank for Wet Processing

IMTEC OEM Services
For OEM customers designing a new piece of equipment such as high temperature sapphire etching tanks (al2o3), custom quartz parts, or plastic tanks, Imtec wants to offer more than an off-the-shelf product.

Compared to off-the-shelf products, Imtec’s customized solutions can significantly reduce costs and effort on your end. We offer products that are creatively conceptualized with your needs in mind, modified for easy maintenance, and equipped with the features and technology your process requires- without unneeded extras. We adapt our components to your tool- not the other way around.

Find out how Imtec Acculine’s OEM services can be your competitive advantage. MORE INFO